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SpaceHUD by Healing Sentry

Download 1.2.0
Last updated Jun 13, 2023


Built from the ashes of SentryHUD into the Great Beyond

Having Issues?

Check out the GitHub wiki here and see if it has the answers you need.

If you have an issue you can make one on the issues page of this repository.

Contact me

If you still have issues, contact me here. Discord is the best way to reach me and I am usually on there most of the time. Try to avoid adding me and instead just send me a message. My DMs are open.

If you want help editing the HUD or making your own HUD, check out the HUDs.TF Discord (Discord invite) and they can help you.

Screenshot Album Wiki for help with any issues related to this HUD SpaceHUD issues page Report any issues here


  • Dmitry Bogolyubov - Background
  • MadeType - MADETOMMY font
  • Whisker - Engineer building icons
  • Hypnotize - Crosshairs
  • Everyone in the HUDs.tf discord
Tags: minimalist, simple


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Streamer Mode
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


Capture the Flag
Control Point
King of the Hill
Mann vs. Machine
Payload Race
Player Destruction
Robot Destruction
Special Delivery
Territorial Control