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Bind rules:

  • Multiple binds to the same key will all execute, in order
  • Binds to the same key are not shared across layers
  • Commands automatically manage necessary extra commands, like spectator controls, when using multiple binds
  • Custom commands support limited console syntax. Full support for quoted arguments in commands is coming soon
  • Binding by pressing mouse 4 or mouse 5 is not supported in browsers. Click the respective buttons instead.

Weapon customization tips:

  • If a crosshair is chosen for Default, it will override any per weapon customizations.
  • Crosshair color and scale cannot change per weapon, only per class or for all classes.

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Open the ZIP, and extract the tf folder to your Team Fortress 2 folder.

Launch Options

-novid -nojoy -nosteamcontroller -nohltv -particles 1 -precachefontchars Click to copy

Right click Team Fortress 2 in your Steam library and click Properties… . In the window that appears, under Launch Options, remove anything that's in there and paste the above text.
More about launch options

Looking for something else (like config templates and alternative formats, like ZIP or cfg)? You can find it on GitHub release assets.

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