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How to submit a HUD

To submit a HUD to this site, use the hud-db GitHub repo. Visit the repo for more instructions and format details.

For those not familiar with JSON, or wanting more assistance, use the form on this page to generate a HUD JSON file for you. You can upload this file to the GitHub. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to make the process easier for you!

The ID for your HUD. This should be a unique, all lowercase, dashed name.

Display name of your HUD

Display name of you, the active developer of the HUD (however, outdated HUD maintenance may not count as authoring in some cases)

Display names of anyone you would like to credit for the creation/development of the HUD. Not to be used for general credits, but major and direct contributors

Initial release date of the HUD

A link people can use to support you financially

An extra link where users can get help/report issues. If not present, will use GitHub Issues.

Your SteamID64

Your Steam group

Your Twitter handle

Your Discord invite code, not the full URL

Your YouTube channel (either /channel/id URL, @username or channel name)

Your Twitch channel name

Link to some Imgur album or other to provide more images

A list of boolean flags whose presence indicates the existence of a feature of some kind

What operating systems does the HUD support

What gamemodes does the HUD customize for

What aspect ratios does the HUD support

What position is the ammo/health in the HUD (multiple customization options can be available)

What languages does the HUD support (if it has custom language files)

A list of words associated with the HUD for discovery. Be general. First tag is considered primary and used as a category. There is no list of valid tags, but they are subject to review for usefulness/'spamminess'.

GitHub repo web URL

Git commit hash of your current version (PR an update to this each time your HUD updates, and we will approve it)

If this is a prerelease/WIP HUD

If this HUD is a slight edit of another, put its ID here. This will group the HUDs together.

A list of image names/YouTube videos. Images are automatically converted to webp, do not use extensions for uploaded images